A Story About Peace, Love, & Finding The Truth

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I Love This Book!

This book is not just for kids! It has touched my soul in ways I did not expect, and allowed me to embody my truth. The message really resonated for me and has stayed stuck in my mind.


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It's So Magical!

This is a very beautifully illustrated book, with surprises on every page. I also love that the book empowers people (young and old) to reflect on their truth. Brilliant!


A Love Note From The Author

For as long as I can remember, I always thought about the truth...

The truth is in the love of my husband.
The truth is in my mom's voice.
The truth is in the twinkle of my children's eyes.
The truth is in a warm, cozy bed.
The truth is in a crackling fire.
The truth is in the sparkling, blue ocean.
The truth is in lifelong friends.

After going through a major career transition and deciding to leave the active practice of law I realized I didn’t quite know what my truth was. My identity, as I knew it, was dissolving in front of me.

One summer day in 2016, I received a beautiful vision of what would fill that space. I saw myself sitting in a library, surrounded by children, reading them a book that I wrote. The problem with that vision was that I had not yet written a book. I was confused, to say the least.

The very next morning, I felt inspired to open up my laptop and begin typing. The words poured out of me.

Next thing I knew, I had written “Mama, Where Is the Truth?”

The next year and a half was a lesson in patience and timing. After countless rejections from illustrators and publishers and days when I wanted to give up on the book entirely, I was guided to a new passion, following the cycles of the moon.

As I immersed myself in this new information, I came across Jo Cauldrick. Her illustrations and work resonated deeply with me. I took a big breath and asked her, in January of 2018, if she would be interested in illustrating my book.

While she didn’t say NO right away, she didn’t say yes. She asked to read the book. I remained hopeful.

After she read it, her answer was a beautiful and powerful YES.

I was elated! This dream was finally coming true. Over the next weeks and months, I saw the vision coming to life. Each illustration was hand-painted in watercolor and then digitized. Jo’s husband Karl cleaned up the digital images, designed the layout and compiled the book.

I remember when I saw the very first PDF of the book, tears rolled down my face and joy filled my heart. I heard the words, “See? Dreams really do come true.”

And that is the truth. The truth is that dreams do come true. 

The truth is in your dreams and in mine. The truth is in hope and possibility, and laughter and joy.

And most importantly, the truth is always within you.

Love, Gabriela